Our Services

GEM is a one-stop shop for all your garment care needs. Our standard services are Dry Clean / Launder & Press, Wash & Fold, and Hang Dry. We also offer Repairs, Leather & Suede Cleaning, and can handle most speciality items such as Wedding Dresses & Ski-suits. One of our friendly Valets will pick up and deliver all of your items, so that you can enjoy some peace of mind and focus on the things that matter most to you.

Our minimum order size for Wash & Fold is 6kg. Please note that any itemised pieces including comforters/duvets, blankets or bath mats, included in your Wash & Fold order do not count towards the 6kg minimum order size. These items are washed and dried separately to follow their specific care instructions.

Basic repairs, which generally include fabric tears or re-hems start from £12.50. Complex repairs, which generally include replacing zippers and clasps start at £19.50. Turnaround time for most repairs is a sprightly 3 days. Please note that we Dry Clean all garments that are provided for repair, which is not included in the cost of the repair. The best way to inform us of a repair needed is to let your Valet know upon pickup. Alternatively, you can email us at care@gemdryclean.co.uk

Yes, we are able to Clean Leather and Suede. However, as it is not dry-cleanable we have to send it out to one of our speciality partners. We aim to have to cleaned, steamed and back at your door within a week.

Yes, we are happy to help you get rid of your wire hangers and we love to do our bit for the environment by re-using them! Just hand whatever hangers you want to recycle to your Valet when they come by and we’ll take them off your hands. Please do not put the hangers inside the garment bag with your clothes, as this can increase the risk of damage to your clothes occurring during transportation.

While we cannot guarantee a specific brand, you can select the general type of detergent you would like. These include: Scented: This is our default detergent offering, which provides the traditional scented laundry smell. Hypoallergenic: We have several customers who choose hypoallergenic detergent, specifically families with young children, or individuals with sensitive skin. You can update your preference from your customer profile page (along with other cleaning preferences), or email us at care@gemdryclean.co.uk

We first inventory your Dry Cleaning / Launder & Press order to check for any signs of damage. We then clean your order, making sure to adhere to any special requests you may have. The Dry Cleaning / Launder & Press process includes stain treatment, general cleaning, and professional pressing. The entire order is inspected at each step of the process to ensure it meets our quality standards before being returned to you by one of our Valets.

Yes, we do clean all Curtains (Lined and Unlined) and Rugs. However these products have to be both weighed and measured in-store, or at your door before an accurate price can be given. Please give us a call on 01483 776041 or email us at care@gemdryclean.co.uk and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you further.