We will re-clean items if we receive them back from a cleaning partner and believe there is room for improvement or they fall short of our standards. We have built several steps in the cleaning process to ensure your garment(s) always receive the best care. If we believe further attempts to remove a stain may cause damage to the item, we will return your garment with a tag attached to the hanger indicating so.

If we believe the item will put other items at risk during cleaning (i.e. color bleeding) we will return the item to you uncleaned. Otherwise, we will work with you to determine the best course of action to get your garment cleaned. If we can Dry Clean the item without putting other items at risk we will get your permission to proceed before moving forward. Common examples include items with pre-existing damage or with sequins or ornamentation.

Before proceeding, we ask that you give us your approval and release GEM of any liability if damage should occur as there are some inherent risks to cleaning all leather-like materials. Although it is not as risky as cleaning real leather, faux leather is made of plastics that still have risks of cracking, colour bleeding, or melting when exposed to heat. We take full precaution to protect all faux leather items, including hang drying or steam cleaning it depending on the care label.

If there is any risk of further damage occurring during cleaning, we will hold off and check in with you before proceeding. Our cleaning team carefully inspects all garments during the cleaning process to ensure we take the best care of them. Sometimes, we identify pre-existing damage on a garment. If the damage is repairable, we will recommend repair. If the damage is irreparable, or you would like to proceed with cleaning without repair, we ask that you give us your approval (and release GEM of any liability if damage should occur). This may cause the cleaning process to be delayed by a few days.

In the case of a damaged item, we will work with our customer to determine if it can be repaired or restored to good condition. If it cannot and we determine the damage was a direct result of our cleaning process, we will work to fairly compensate our customers. For any damaged items we replace, we merely ask to keep them so that we can repair them and donate them to one of our local charity partners. We have implemented several processes to ensure strong inventory control, so you can rest assured that when you give us your clothes for cleaning, they will come back to you in great condition! That said, in rare instances where we have lost or damaged an item, we want to make sure to make it right for our customers.

If a garment shows susceptibility to colour bleeding, we will not clean it and return it to you uncleaned. Even with your release of liability, we cannot clean these items as they pose a risk to other garments that would be cleaned at the same time. We thoroughly test all items for unstable dyes, which can be a result of the manufacturing process.

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