Pickup & Delivery

Yes, we have a minimum pick-up and delivery value of £20.00. Pick-ups are still available for customers with less than minimum value; in the event of minimum value not being reached the order value will be rounded up to £20.00.

Yes, we offer a quicker turnaround for a small fee. Wash & Fold can be turned around in 24-hours. Dry Cleaning / Launder & Press can be turned around in 48-hours. Hang Dry cannot be rushed and will return on your regular route day. Settings can be updated via your account.

Yes, many of our customers give us more clothes for cleaning every time we come by with a delivery. If you are consistently giving us new clothes every time we come by to deliver your finished items, we are happy to provide an extra laundry bag to help expedite the process. We can arrange an additional invoice for payment with your next order or our valet can take a payment at the door via their handheld payment terminal.

In some cases definitely Yes! We offer 24-hour turnaround on Wash & Fold for an additional fee. You can ensure you receive your Wash & Fold back the next day by submitting a request via email at care@gemdryclean.co.uk, or by letting your Valet know upon your pickup.

We offer "person-less" pickup and delivery for customers who cannot always be present at home given their busy schedules. As long as we have a "safe place" (i.e. a porch, garage or similar) to collect clothes and deliver them to at your property then "person-less" delivery is available. Ask for a disclaimer from your Valet upon scheduling your first GEM.